Kanchana 2 Movie Review
– Endless Comedy and Horror in a Familiar Template

Kanchana 2 Tamil Movie Review and Rating

Raghava Lawrence is back with his 'Muni 3' after a long back and the phenomenal success of his earlier movie made it 'Kanchana-2' instead. The movie follows the same pattern of a scared hero yet it manages to keep audience glued to their seats with a lot of laughter and plenty of horror to scare them off the seats.

Release date: 17 April 2015 Genre: Tamil comedy horror film
Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee Pannu, Kovai Sarala, Nithya MenonDirector: Raghava Lawrence
Writter: Raghava LawrenceMusic Director: Leon James, C. Sathya, S. Thaman, Ashwamithra
Editer: Kishore TeCinematography: Rajavel Olhiveeran
Production Company: Sun Picture Distribution: Sun Pictures
Budget: INR25 crore (US$3.9 million)Running Time: 135 minutes
CBFC Rating: U/ALanguage: Tamil, Telugu

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • . Impressive performance by Tapsee and Nithya Menon

  • . Kovai Sarala is at her best with comedic timing

  • . Lawrence's multiple getups in a short time

  • . Amazing supporting cast including Sreeman, Manobala and Mayil Saamy

  • .Good VFX

What's not?
  • . Quiet lengthy

  • . Kanchana – 2 fights with Kanchana and loses in terms of gripping flashback sequences

The story isn't something that would instantly impress you but it's how they have presented it matters. Raghava Lawrence is scared as usual and he goes with Tapsee for a television shoot where all the horror and comedy ensues.

The Cast

Raghava Lawrence is too good in almost every sequence, be it the dance, fight or playing different roles when controlled by ghosts. The surprising entry is Tapsee Pannu who proves that she could act well and so does Nithya Menon in her role. Kovai Sarala is at ease and will bring tears to your eyes with laughter. Sreeman has a small but rib tickling portion.

The Team

Cinematography is top notch with some amazing VFX towards the climax and music is a huge plus for Kanchana-2. The movie keeps you tied to it with both comedy and horror elements. The only area where it lacks is the flashback which isn't hard hitting as we say with Sarath Kumar in Kanchana.

While Lawrence has lost it a bit to his own work, this is definitely a great summer treat for everyone.

Bottom line – Prepare to laugh your hearts off and be scared to the core in this wholesome package.

Certified Fresh – Yes!

Stars – 4/5

Kanchana 2 Movie Stills

Kanchana 2 Movie Stills

Download Kanchana 2 Movie Stills. Kanchana 2 is directed by Raghava Lawrence. The movie stars Lawrence and Taapsee in the lead roles. This Movie the 3rd sequel in the horror comedy Muni series.