Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay - Less engaging screenplay with few enjoyable moments makes it a decent watch for this week

Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay

Directed by Inbasekhar it is a typical comical flick with few feel good moments here and there. This film marks the debut of Thambi Ramaiah's son Umapathi . To know what's new the team has in store for the audience this season, read our review below:

Release date: 30 Jun 2017Genre: Comedy, Thriller
Cast: Umapathi, Reshma Rathore, Karuna Karan, Aadukalam Naren, Manobala, Pandiarajan and many othersWritten & Director by Inbasekhar
Music by D ImmanCinematography PK Varma
Edited by AL Ramesh Production company Silver Screen Studios
Distributed by Silver Screen StudiosRuntime: 135 Minutes
Language Tamil CBFC Rating 'U'

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • Arrow Icon The debut actor Umapathi has made a good entry into the Kollywood industry. He handles the role that is given to him with perfection and yes we have another dancing talent coming up.

  • Arrow Icon Reshma Rathore delivers what is needed for the script. A clean performance but not very impressive.

  • Arrow Icon As usual Karunkaran's one liners evokes laughter though there are average sequences his timing and expressions gets applause.

  • Arrow Icon Manobala does a decent and interesting role.

  • Arrow Icon Imman's music is good. (Watch Video of Yaenadi Nee Enna Song)

What's not?

  • Arrow Icon The movie lacks freshness.

  • Arrow Icon Song placement is bad and it makes no sense.

  • Arrow Icon Few comedy sequences looks like it is placed forcefully.

  • Arrow Icon Shades of many comedies pops in our mind while watching few sequences.

  • Arrow Icon Logical loopholes, the director should have researched well while choosing such genre.

The Cast

The entire cast of this flick has given a decent performance. Newbie actor Umapathi has given a decent performance, his dancing skills adds big plus to this tall and handsome star.

Reshma Rathore performs well and delivers whats needed for the script.

Karunakaran is another plus in this movie. His timely comedy and comedy sense click the right chord and evokes laughter among the crowd. Though few comedies look out of place, overall it is a perfect role for the comedian.

Manobala has some interesting things to do in this film and he does it neat and clean.

The Team

This film is technically decent enough to watch. The director could have taken extra care while penning the dialogues and done few homework on the screenplay as it lacks logic and it is left unanswered till the end.

Imman's music is good but it doesn't impress due to the wrong placement. Cinematography by PK Varma is good and extra care could have been given for editing.

Bottom line - A decent movie for this season if ur not looking for any logic.

Certified Fresh - YES!

Stars - 2.25/5

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