Anegan Movie Review – Guaranteed Entertainment with a Fresh and Interesting Storyline

Release date: February 13, 2015 Genre: Romantic-Thriller Film
Cast: Dhanush, Karthik, Amyra Dastur, Aishwarya Devan, Jagan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Atul KulkarniDirector: K. V. Anand
Music Director: Harris JayarajLyrics : Rokesh , Jero, Vairamuthu, C. S. Amudhan, Kabilan Vairamuthu
Editer: AnthonyCinematography: Om Prakash
Producer: AGS EntertainmentDistribution AGS Entertainment, Wunderbar Films
Running Time: 160 minutesCBFC Rating: U
Budget: INR40 croresLanguage: Tamil

Director KV Anand is back with his trusted writers Suba and a versatile actor like Dhanush! It's a frantic tale where the audience are spun into different worlds and pulled back with a tight screenplay that is captivating till the end.

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • • Dhanush has proven he's a great actor and carries all roles with ease.

  • • Amyra has good scope for a first timer and Karthik's comeback.

  • • KV Anand's screen and Subha's out of the box storyline.

  • • Simply superb cinematography and art direction.

  • • Harris's 'Danga Maari' song

What's not?
  • • Many loose ends and needless distractions in script

  • • Background score and some songs are just average

In 'Anegan', the lead heroine has an illusion which helps Karthik make video games but confuses Dhanush until they find real world incidents coincide with her descriptions.

The Cast

While Dhanush is still enjoying his 'Shamitabh', Anegan is another movie where he displayed great acting as Muruga and Kali. He has a special mimicry in the end that you shouldn't miss at all costs. Seldom heroines get scope to act but Amyra is lucky and she utilizes it very well. She easily slips into her roles set in multiple time periods. Karthik is subtle at first but takes control of the movie right before the climax.

The Team

KV Anand and writers Subha deserve a special praise for picking up the concept of rebirth and weaving it with video gaming. The screenplay is well-done and you will find yourself rooting to the characters in the flashback. The art direction and cinematography, especially in Burma is beautiful and authentic. Music by Harris is good while cinematography seamlessly moves between different time periods.

Bottom line – A racy entertainer filled with a good storyline and promising performance by the entire cast.

Certified Fresh – Yes!

Stars – 4/5