Annadurai - Entertains in parts. One time watchable.

Annadurai Movie Review

Annadurai, so here we have Vijay Antony playing dual role which means its a double treat. The unpredictable storyline with engaging scenes, massy and dramatic events. To know more about this flick, read our review below:

Release date: 30 Nov 2017Genre: Action, Drama, Family
Cast: Vijay Antony, Diana Champika, Jewel Mary, Radha Ravi, Kaali Venkat and many othersWritten & Director by G Srinivasan
Music by Vijay AntonyCinematography K Dhillraj
Edited by Vijay Antony Production company R Studios, Vijay Antony Corporation
Distributed by Picture Box CompanyRuntime: 128 Minutes
Language Tamil CBFC Rating 'U/A'

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • Arrow Icon Vijay Antony delivers both the role perfectly.

  • Arrow Icon First half is engaging

  • Arrow Icon BGM elevates the scenes.

  • Arrow Icon The heroines have given a neat performance.

  • Arrow Icon Kaali Venkat gets more scope to perform.

What's not?

  • Arrow Icon The second half could have been better.

  • Arrow Icon Not engaging.

  • Arrow Icon Over dramatic.

The Cast

The entire cast of this film has given a decent performance. Vijay Antony, as usual, has done justice to the two roles that are given to him. It's already a known factor that he has mastered it. Now after becoming a music director, producer, actor, Vijay Antony has tried his hand in editing and it has come out really well.

The two heroines in this film have given a decent performance. Diana Champika gets more screen time than Jewel Mary. Kaal Venkat gets the scope to perform and he has used it very well.

The Team

Talking about the technical aspect of the movie, the Cinematography by Dillraj is good. The story could have been executed much better. It looks over dramatic at places and fairly engaging.

Vijay Antony's BGM elevates the scenes. The romantic portion could have been written well as it doesn't work out.

The first half of the film goes smoothly and keeps us engaging, but the problem lies in the second half as it doesn't go well as expected. The script lacks its strength as one feels that it is handled lightly and doesn't convince the audience.

Bottom line - Overdramatic at places with few ups and downs. This is one-time watchable.

Certified Fresh - YES!

Stars - 2.5/5

Annadurai Movie Stills

Annadurai Movie Stills

Exclusive Annadurai movie stills images photos gallery. Vijay Anthony, Diana Champika starrer Annadurai movie stills images photos gallery.

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