Eetti Movie Review - Atharvaa's Dedication and Story Letdown by Average Narration

Eetti Movie Review

Everything usually found in a Tamil movie can be seen in Eetti as well and it follows the well-known sports template we have.

Release date: 11 December 2015Genre: Action-Drama
Cast: Atharvaa, Sri Divya, Jayaprakash, Aadukalam Naren, Aadukalam Murugadossn and many othersWritten & Director by Ravi Arasu
Music by G. V. Prakash KumarCinematography Saravanan Abhimanyu
Edited by Raja MohammadProduction company Global Infotainment Pvt. Ltd
Distributed by Global Infotainment Pvt. LtdRuntime: 144 Minutes
Language Tamil CBFC Rating 'U'

A young athlete supported by his coach and family who falls into the trap of a villain. Directed by Raviarasu, Eetti which missed last weekend has finally got released this week to a decent opening.

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • • Atharvaa's dedication to the role

  • • Plenty of real stuff in the storyline

  • • Action sequences by Rajasekar

  • • A decent first half

What's not?

  • • Sri Divya has nothing to do as usual Tamil heroines

  • • Misplaced songs

  • • Highly annoying run time, should have been reduced

Atharvaa is an athlete with a strange problem. If he gets hurt, he will black out and lose a lot of blood leading to his end. He befriends Sri Divya through a phone call and saves her brother when he lands in Chennai from a group of rowdies. Now, it's time to escape them and take up in the competition he came for.

The Cast

Like Paradesi and many other movies, Atharvaa has done his best. He portrays an amazingly toned body as Farhan Akhtar did in 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' adding credibility to the story. Sri Divya is the average Tamil heroine while comedy scenes are as expected. Naren and Jayaprakash does their role to perfection while RNR Manohar is a stereotypical villain.

The Team

Director Raviarasu has taken a unique plot about a brand new disease and tried to come up with a sports movie filled with action and love. He has managed to accomplish most of his goals except for the songs and the length which hinders Eetti big time. Action scenes and the decent first half helps a lot for this otherwise average movie.

Bottom line - Has plenty of flaws but still watchable!

Certified Fresh - Yes!

Stars - 3/5

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