Eli Movie Review – Hardly Funny!

Eli Review and Rating

Teaming up with director Yuvaraj Dayalan one more time, Vadivelu has come up with 'Eli' a story about a petty thief who is assigned to bring down a huge smuggler. It's supposed to bring out the best of the comedian but it is hardly funny and is enjoyable only in rare occasions.

Release date: 19 June 2015Genre: Tamil spy comedy film
Cast: Vadivelu, Sadha and many othersDirector: Yuvaraj Dhayalan
Writter: Yuvaraj DhayalanMusic Director: Vidyasagar
Story: Roshan AndrewsCinematography: Paul Livingstone
Editer: V. T. Vijayan, T. S. JayProduction Company: City Cine Creations
Distributed by: City Cine CreationsCBFC Rating: U
Running time: 155 minutesLanguage: Tamil

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • • It's good to see Vadivelu and his mannerisms back on screen.

  • • Sadha's come back as a glamor doll.

  • • Art direction by Thottatharani with a limited budget

  • • Very few funny scenes

What's not?
  • • A bad mix of humor with serious elements in the same movie

  • • Annoying songs that slows down the movie even further

  • • Under developer scenes feel more like bits of Vadivelu's best comedies

As the title suggests, Vadivelu is Eli who is sent to bring down Pradeep Rawant's gang and he befriends Mahanadi Shankar to get the job done. It is all about this funny thiefwho tries to fool the gang with his comical moves and dialogs.

The Cast

Vadivelu without a doubt is the only saving grace in the movie who tries to make you laugh and he manages to do it now and then. His body language is a huge plus but such a veteran actor has been wasted in a poorly written script which is more of individual comedy scenes than a complete plot. Sada looks hot enough but that is not enough and the rest of the cast does make you smile whenever possible.

The Team

Director definitely has some ideas as he proved it earlier with Thenali Raman and now in Eli. But, it looks like his creations are constrained by Vadivelu's image in Kollywood and the pressure to make his fans laugh. If Vadivelu could choose another movie like Pulikesi, it could work out or it is good to become a comedian once again for the greater good.

Bottom line – Eli is noisy but not as funny as it was expected to be!

Certified Fresh – No!

Stars – 2.75/5

Eli Movie Latest Stills

Eli Movie Latest Stills

Eli movie latest latest high quality photos, stills, images, pictures gallery. Eli is the Tamil spy comedy film features Vadivelu and Sadha in the lead roles. Written and directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan