Enga Amma Rani : Terrible making but Dhanshika excels in her performance

Enga Amma Rani Review

Directed by debutant Bani, Enga Amma Rani starring Dhanshika in the lead is about a single mom in Malaysia and her twin daughters Meera and Tara. The films starts as an emotional drama and turns into a horror drama when Dhanshika and one of her daughter Meera moves to an hill station after Tara dies of an incurable disease and finds that Meera also diagnosed with the same disease. But everything turns upside down when Meera behaves in a mysterious way. Has the film able to deliver something new? Was it able grab audiences attention? To know more read our review below:

Release date: 05 May 2017Genre: Family, Thriller
Cast: Dhansika, Varnika, Varsha, Anil Murali,Namo Narayana and many othersWritten & Director by S.Bani
Music by IlaiyaraajaCinematography A. Kumaran, SR Santhoshkumar
Edited by AL Ramesh Production company MK Films
Distributed by Escape Artists Motion PicturesRuntime: 1 hr 51 mins
Language Tamil CBFC Rating 'U'

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • Arrow Icon Dhanshika's performance - She carries the whole movie on her shoulders with her brilliant performance.

  • Arrow Icon Varnika and Varsha gives their best. Both of them look good and expresses well.

  • Arrow Icon Few heart warming scenes.

  • Arrow Icon Namo Narayana's comedy evoke some laughter.

What's not?

  • Arrow Icon Ilaiyaraaja's bgm and songs doesn't inspire us.

  • Arrow Icon Horror scenes doesn't galvanize the storyline - bad sound design.

  • Arrow Icon Cinematography - doesn't please us visually.

  • Arrow Icon Screenplay is terrible.

  • Arrow Icon Slow and lengthy- tests the patience.

The Cast

Dhanshika plays the lead in this female centric movie and she could be said as the pillar of the movie and carries the whole movie with her strong performance and expressions.

The two kids in this flick Varnika and Varsha performs well. Varnika shares the screen with Dhanshika for a longer time and she does her role perfectly.

Namo Narayana's comedy clicks at few places and evokes laughter.

The Team

Technically this movie is good. The screenplay is terrible and for a women centric movie like this the team should have had a strong writing but as a whole it was amateur.

Cinematography by A. Kumaran and S.R. Santhosh Kumar was good but they haven't experienced with new angles and doesn't impress us much.

A.L. Ramesh's Editing helps the movie in having a smooth ride but with the slow screenplay it looks longer and tests the patience at a point.

Art direction is good and is impressive.

Ilaiyaraaja's music doesn't impress us much and the horror scenes don't work out due to bad sound design.

Bottom line - Enga Amma Rani could have been better if the director had concentrated more on the screenplay.

Certified Fresh - YES!

Stars - 2.5/5

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