Enga Veetu Mappillai show fame Abarnathi's latest video goes viral

Enga Veetu Mappillai show fame Abarnathi

Abarnathi, who was part of the ongoing Enga Veetu Mappillai show, was recently evicted from the show. The pretty young lass was criticised by few section of the audience and also few celebrities for her attitude. However, Abarnathi has now released an official video and here is what she said:

"Hello, all. It is a very new and a happy feeling, to get all these love, appreciations, and fan pages on social media. I do not know how to take this. I want to share a lot of things, to all of you, but since there are a few conditions, I am expected to be silent. I have to wait until the grand finale of the show, and only after that, I can speak about the show.

I am okay now, and as a person, I have become more stronger. I thank my mom and dad for their constant support, and to all my fans and army members, on social media. After the end of the show, I will come on a live chat session, and during that time, I will answer all of your queries.

I was true to myself, and there was no scripting at all. I spoke what I felt like, in the show. Do not listen to what, a section of people are saying. I will clear all your doubts, but please wait for some more time. If there was any mistake on my part, during the show, or now, I am sorry."

Published on: 17 April 2018

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