Gethu Movie Review - It's a Visual Treat, Nothing More

Gethu Movie Review

Directed by Thirukumaran who earlier made the comical Maan Karate with Sivakarthikeyan, Gethu is a commercial movie with plenty of brilliant ideas in it. However, the execution is bit confusing and the stylish quotient is not there in the storyline.

Release date: 14 Jan 2016Genre: Action, Drama
Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Amy Jackson, Vikranth, Sathyaraj, Karuna Karan, Avinash, Anuradha Sulochana and many othersWritten & Director by Kris Thirukumaran
Music by Harris JayarajCinematography M Sukumar
Edited by Dinesh PonrajProduction Company Red Giant Movies
Distributed by Red Giant MoviesRuntime: 119 Minutes
Language Tamil CBFC Rating 'U'

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • • Cinematography is top notch with a beautiful hill station background

  • • Udhayanadhi has a decent makeover into a serious hero for the first time

  • • Vikranth in a sharp shooter role is cool

  • • Amy Jackson, Sathyaraj, Karunakaran and others support the storyline

What's not?

  • • Too many predictable scenes and plot

  • • Exceptionally dumbed down villain who frames a man for a silly reason!!!

  • • Songs by Harris Jayaraj is disappointing and repetitive

Udhayanadhi plays the role of a librarian and his father Sathyaraj is an honest man who is framed for a crime he did not commit. It is revealed later than Vikranth is a sniper who needs their house to take down a VIP and now it's the hero's job to save his father as well as the victim.

The Cast

Udhayanidhi Stalin is much better in a serious role where he finally gets rid of Santhanam and acts in a movie with a story. Amy Jackson is just for the glamor part while the supporting cast including Karunakaran has a cop does their job. Sathyaraj needs no introduction and the seasoned actor easily manages to impress. Vikranth is a nice pick for a stylish sniper but he's letdown by the character development.

The Team

Director Thirukumaran has handled Gethu in the same tone as Maan Karate. Someone who knows nothing about boxing wins the final trophy in that movie. There is a sniper here who frames a man to use his house for shooting someone. Sounds silly for a plot.

While cinematography is top notch that brings the hilly regions to life, story and music is a big letdown in the movie. Gethu tries to be a thriller but in the end the sniper wants a fist fight with the hero. Fight sequences are however done very well in the style of Sherlock Holmes even though the hero is just a common man. Harris Jayaraj should come up with new tunes to keep us engaged.

Bottom line - Too much of focus on visuals has left Gethu bland with under developed characters and plotline.

Certified Fresh - NO!

Stars - 2.5/5

Gethu Movie Latest Stills

Gethu Movie Latest Stills

Download Gethu movie latest HD image gallery. Gethu movie starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, Amy Jackson and Vikranth. Directed by Thirukumaran. Music by Harris Jayaraj.