Idu Enna Mayam Movie Review
– A Familiar Romcom from AL Vijay

Idu Enna Mayam

Director Vijay proved his mettle with some hard hitting movies like 'Madarasapattinam' and 'Saivam'. But, his 'Idu Enna Mayam' is a completely different and a light hearted movie that has hardly anything new to offer.

When the plot in the movie unfolds, you will never be surprised or amazed. It is the familiar fight between a couple whose ego clash split them apart. And, the end is almost predictable with a slight variation.

Release date: July 31, 2015Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Keerthi Suresh, Kavya Shetty, Navdeep, Nassar, Ambika, RJ Balaji, Balaji Venugopal, RJ Ajay, Lollu Sabha Jeeva, Charle, Manobala and many othersDirector: A. L. Vijay
Music Director: G. V. Prakash KumarCinematography: Nirav Shah
Editer: AnthonyProduction Company: Think Big Studios, Magic Frames
Running time: 140 MinutesCBFC Rating: U

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • • Colorful visuals and impressive cinematography

  • • Youthful presentation that might appeal to some college goers

  • • A light hearted movie that doesn't have any violence or excessive glamor

  • • Debutant actress Keerthi Suresh does a cool job for a first timer

What's not?
  • • Excessively predictable scenes

  • • Vikram Prabhu hardly has anything new to offer in a familiar plot

  • • All the Kollywood clichés are here

The beginning is promising where a group of youngsters led by Vikram Prabhu wants to revive stage dramas. But, you will be disappointed to know that the group then abandons performance and enacts scenes on the road to help guys woo their girls. When a random rich guy asks Vikram Prabhu to help impress Keerthi Suresh, a flashback reveals that they are former lovers but he takes up the job. And, then you probably know what happens in the end!

The Cast

Vikram Prabhu gave a promising start with 'Kumki' and has some decent movies but 'Vellaikara Durai' and 'Idu Enna Mayam' is hardly up to the mark. The actor has to deliver dialogs and act romantic, which he doesn't. Keerthi Suresh did a clean job while the friends including RJ Balaji, Charlie along with Navdeep help move the storyline.

The Team

Director AL Vijay was known for his perfection in his past movies. Even though, 'Thaandavam' isn't his best, it had a class to it which is missing in this flick. While cinematography by Nirav Shah is satisfactory, music by GV Prakash is mediocre. On the whole, it's an average film by a team of experts.

Bottom line – An average movie that won't excite you but won't disappoint you either if you keep expectations low.

Certified Fresh – No!

Stars – 3.5/5