Jil Jung Juk Movie Review - Unique but Not Outstanding

Jil Jung Juk Movie Review

Jil Jung Juk by director Deeraj Vaidy is a brave attempt in Tamil cinema which doesn't have any commercial compromises and tries the new genre called dark comedy.

Release date: 12 Feb 2016Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Siddharth, Sananth Reddy, Avinash Raghudevan, Nasser, Radha Ravi, RJ Balaji and many othersWritten & Director by Deeraj Vaidy
Music by Vishal ChandrashekarCinematography Shreyaas Krishna
Edited by Kurtz Schneider Production company Etaki Entertainment
Distributed by Etaki EntertainmentRuntime: 133 Minutes
Language Tamil CBFC Rating 'U/A'

Siddharth has produced the movie who deserves accolades for doing so. But, at the same time, we just can't whole heartedly recommend the movie to everyone because it may appeal to a group of audience but misses its mark to reach everyone as a whole.

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • ► Siddharth easily handles the lead with a unique performance

  • ► Supporting cast including his friends, the villains have done their part

  • ► Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar

  • ► Whatsapp styled jokes and colorful presentation

What's not?

  • ► Dialogs are not so convincing

  • ► Adult jokes are good but gets repetitive at times

  • ► Film feels long in the second half

The story is about three friends Jil Jung Juk who are supposed to deliver a pink colored car which is actually made using cocaine as paint but they end up blowing it. Now, the only solution is to link the boss with his enemy so that they could escape the situation. It's set in 2020 where things have changed and economy is so bad.

The Cast

Siddharth easily plays the role and looks convincing in the role. The roles done by his friends are mediocre while veteran actor like Radha Ravi easily steals the show. In terms of performance, they have very little to do because the story is all about the world they have created and the dark comedy that is not easy to comprehend instantly.

The Team

Director Deeraj Vaidy is good with his idea and has executed it to good levels. Music and editing is equally good. But, the movie may not appeal to majority of the audience and the overall style makes you feel like watching a stage performance than an actual movie. It is inspired by Hollywood flicks and unique yet fails to impress.

Bottom line - If you loved films like Mumbai Express or Moodar Koodam, this is your cup of tea!

Certified Fresh - YES!

Stars - 3/5

Jil Jung Juk Trailer

Jil Jung Juk Trailer

Watch Jil Jung Juk Tamil Movie official trailer. Siddharth's Jil Jung Juk movie is directed by Deeraj Vaidy and produced by Siddharth's Etaki Entertainment
Jil Jung Juk Teaser

Jil Jung Juk Teaser

Watch Jil Jung Juk Tamil Movie official teaser. Siddharth's Jil Jung Juk movie is directed by Deeraj Vaidy and produced by Siddharth's Etaki Entertainment