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Masala Padam Movie Review – A Promising Plot with Uninteresting Screenplay

Masala Padam Movie Review and Rating

Masala Padam poses a lot of questions to the audience and indirectly demands an answer. It's the question that is in the minds of many directors – How do you make a masala movie for everyone with reality in it?

While the plot is quite convincing and gives a good start, the movie doesn't have the same level of execution in it. It is rather slow and has easily forgettable characters all around.

Release date: 1 October 2015Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
Cast: Bobby Simha, Gaurav, Lakshmi Devy, Shiva Sundaram and many othersWritten and Director by Laxman Kumar
Music by Karthik AcharyaCinematography Laxman Kumar
Edited by Richard KevinProduction company Allin Pictures
Running time 110 Minutes CBFC Rating: 'U'

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • • An Interesting Plotline

  • • Background score by Karthik Acharya

  • • Siva's comedy timing

  • • A Decent first half that keeps the audience interested

What's not?
  • • Very poor screenplay

  • • Not a convincing performance by actors, including good ones like Bobby Simha

  • • Relies too much on the criticism factor but fails to create the best film they promised in the beginning

The story of Masala Padam is about a team which sets out to follow different characters to create the perfect movie for Kollywood. Their idea is to snap real life incidents from these characters including Siva, Simha and Gaurav. They hire Lakshmi Devy to convince these guys to give them the input they need to convince a producer but it doesn't turn well as expected.

The Cast

We expected a lot from Bobby Simha who gave his best in Jigarthanda. But, Masala Padam proves that without the right director, he doesn't have the power to solo handedly shoulder a script. Siva is a welcome comical relief for the movie while the other actor Gaurav as well as Lakhsmi are merely dolls. Casting is good but their performance is very mediocre, disappointing at many points in the movie.

The Team

Director Laxman Kumar seems to be irritated by reviews and criticism. While trying to blame the audience and come up with a script of his own, he didn't pass. The idea is good and promising but the execution fails flat. Music by Karthik Acharya is a plus for the movie while cinematography and other departments have done their job. However, with uninteresting scenes, they could hardly keep our attention on the screen.

Bottom line – Give this one a miss, it's not the best around!

Certified Fresh – No!

Stars – 3/5

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