Orange Mittai Movie Review
– A Unique Entry for Tamil Cinema

Orange Mittai

Vijay Sethupathy is known for his out of the box movies. Pizza, Soodhu Kavvum are some examples and 'Orange Mittai' produced under his own banner is a noteworthy example.

Release date: July 31, 2015Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Ramesh Thilak, Aashritha, Arumugam Bala and many othersDirector: Biju Viswanath
Written: Biju Viswanath, Vijay SethupathiMusic Director: Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography: Biju ViswanathEditer: Biju Viswanath
Production Company: Vijay Sethupathi ProductionsDistributed by: Common Man Productions
Running time: 101 MinutesCBFC Rating: U

A script like this would be rejected by most producers in Kollywood but whether they accept it or not, Tamil audience has definitely become more mature than they used to be.

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • • Brilliant performance by Vijay Sethupathy as an old man in body language, voice and attitude.

  • • Ramesh Thilak gets a strong character which he uses to the best with his natural expressions and slang.

  • • Crisp run time

  • • Justin Prabhakaran's background score and montage songs

  • • Director Biju Vishwanath's work who also did editing and camera

What's not?
  • • Being a new genre, it doesn't give a satisfying end as it's more of an episode between two people

  • • Romantic portion is a drag

  • • It's not an entertainment flick. Strictly not for those who love expect fight and glamor

The plotline of 'Orange Mittai' is pretty obvious from the trailer. It's about a professional's egoistic clash with a 50-year-old patient during their journey back to the hospital. The movie is a small episode in their life where they share a father-son bond that is portrayed in the most natural manner.

The Cast

Vijay Sethupathy steals the show with a flawless performance and this is where his strength lies. He could never be a mass hero because people love him in such unique roles. Equally good is Ramesh Thilak who has ample screen space and uses it brilliantly. The supporting cast is very less but everyone has done their part without fault.

The Team

Director Biju Vishwanath has created a new wave by editing and handling cinematography which is the first of its kind. He has delivered amazing work in all the departments. Dialogs by Vijay Sethupathy in association with the director are hard hitting and are pillars of the movie. Without being a philosophical movie, the messages are shared on the go. Theshort run time helps it reach the common audience easily without boring any.

Bottom line – Short, sweet and sour – Everything's there in this entertaining 'Orange Mittai'!

Certified Fresh – Yes!

Stars – 4/5

Orange Mittai

Orange Mittai Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer of Vijay Sethupathi staring Orange Mittai movie. Director-Cinematographer-Editor Biju Viswanath,Produced by Vijay Sethupathi. Music by Justin Prabhakaran