– Vivek Saves the Day!


Vivek tried his hands in a serious role in his last movie but with 'Palakkattu Madhavan' he is back to his comedy genre. It is good to see the actor back to his form with his though provoking one liners but director Chandramohan didn't do justice with his script and the execution.

Release date: 3 July 2015Genre: Drama, Family, Thriller
Cast: Vivek, Sonia Agarwal and many othersDirector: M Chandramohan
Writter: M ChandramohanMusic: Srikanth Deva
Cinematography: KS SelvarajEditer: K. Rajagopal
Production company: ABC DreamsRunning Time: 141 Minutes
Language: TamilCBFC Rating: U

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • • Vivek all the way, both his comical timings and message to the public

  • • Sonia Agarwal is a good choice even though not her best

  • • A simple storyline similar to Malayalam movies

What's not?
  • • Supporting actors are not the best choice

  • • The movie's camera and dialog delivery sounds more like a mega serial than a film that people should watch in theaters.

  • • Very little space for comedy

Vivek is jealous that his wife Sonia Agarwal earns more salary than him. He tries different businesses and ways to earn money but fails which is when he decides to adopt an old lady as his mother. It is when hell breaks loose!

The Cast

Vivek is the only saving grace in the movie and in many ways, you could easily compare this film with Vadivelu's 'Eli'. Both of them have good, talented lead comedians as the hero but everything else is bad. Supporting cast is just ok with Sonia Agarwal and the usual people but they couldn't carry the slow, boring scenes much.

The Team

Director Chandramohan has come up with a decent family drama. If Vivek could do so well in movies like 'Budget Padmanaban' or 'Viralukketha Veekam', 'Palakkatu Madhavan' is supposed to be hilarious despite the low budget.

But, the long dragging scenes, home setup and mediocre camera makes it look like a poorly organized stage play with very little comedy scenes now and then.

Bottom line – Not as enjoyable as it was supposed to be! Maybe, next time!

Certified Fresh – Yes!

Stars – 3.25/5