Thoongavanam Movie Review – Twists and Turns Keep you Engaged


When Kamal Haasan is in a movie, you can expect a gripping plot with well-defined characters and some mind boggling screenplay. Thoongavanam is no different and stays true to the original French movie.

Release date: 11 October 2015Genre: Action
Cast: Kamal Haasan, Trisha Krishnan, Prakash Raj, Kishore, Asha Sarath, Sampath Raj, Yugi Sethu, Madhu Shalini, Uma Riyaz Khan, Jagan and many othersDirector by Rajesh M. Selva
Screenplay by Kamal HaasanStory by Frederic Jardin, Nicolas Saada
Music by M. GhibranCinematography Sanu John Varghese
Edited by Shan MohammedProduction company Raaj Kamal Films International, Sri Gokulam Movies
Distributed by Escape Artists Motion Pictures, Wide Angle CreationsRuntime: 127 Minutes
Language Tamil & Telugu CBFC Rating 'U/A'

While it is a remake, it is an entirely new experience for Tamil audience where you are not sure whom to support in the movie. The storyline keeps everything in an unexpected surprise which is clarified only at the end.

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • . Kamal's unique performance and expressions

  • . Prakash Raj steals the show as a new age villain

  • . Trisha in a non-glamor role

  • . Supporting cast, music

  • . Brilliant cinematography and screenplay

What's not?

  • . Definitely not the average, expected Kollywood film

  • . May feel a bit longer than it actually is due to some slow scenes

Kamal is in the narcotics bureau where he steals Prakash Raj's cocaine shipment. In order to retrieve it, he kidnaps his kid. Trisha and Kishore are after Kamal to find why he stole them in the first place. All the confusing questions can be answered only in the end.

The Cast

Kamal Haasan has acted in so many movies yet he has the capacity to bring something new with every role he plays. His time spent with Sams is hilarious while Yugi Sethu's association adds the serious tone. Trisha as a serious officer along with Kishore gives you the Hollywood perfection you have been asking for. She's no ordinary heroine in this. Prakash Raj despite all these actors steals the show once again with a gangster role that doesn't resemble the usual, stupid and loud guys.

The Team

Director Rajesh M Selva is credited for Thoongavanam which is actually a remake but it is more of a Kamal film than what the director could do. Cinematography is top notch done by Sanu Varghese. The one-night script with mostly dark locations have been captured well. Music by Ghibran with just a single song and most of background score is another milestone for the movie, as Unnai Pol Oruvan did.

Bottom line – Falters a bit in some scenes but a definite action thriller for movie goers!

Certified Fresh – Yes!!

Stars – 3.5/5

Thoongaavanam Movie Making Video

Thoongaavanam Movie Making Video

Watch the Thoongaavanam / Cheekati Raajyam movie Behind The Scenes. The Thoongaavanam (Tamil) / Cheekati Raajyam (Telugu) Movie starring Kamal Hassan, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Kishore, Sampath Raj, Madhu Shalini. Directed by Rajesh M Selva.
Thoongaavanam Movie Official Trailer

Thoongaavanam Movie Official Trailer

Watch Kamal Hassan's Thoongaavanam Movie official trailer. Thoongaavanam Tamil film is directed by Rajesh M Selva & produced by Raaj Kamal Films International, Sri Gokulam Movies.