The Best 10 Tamil Movies from 2015

The year has been amazing as always for Kollywood. Filmmakers churned out movies back to back with over 200 releases in the year 2015.

While it is a tough task to pick the best 10 of the lot, we have shortlisted the must watch and most appreciated movies of the year. Go through them and if you haven't watched any, make sure to give it a shot this New Year.

Thani Oruvan

1. Thani Oruvan

  • The topper and blockbuster hit of the year.
  • Bottom line - Despite the few minor flaws, 'Thani Oruvan' is a must watch!

2. Baahubali

  • Extravaganza of the year in every South Indian language.
  • Bottom line - Haven't you booked your tickets yet? Do it right now as it's worth every penny!

3. Papanasam

  • A riveting storyline of a loving father who tries to hide a crime to save his family.
  • Bottom line - Watch it and you will probably watch it more than once to understand the plot better!
Kuttram Kadithal

4. Kuttram Kadithal

  • Social Melodrama at its best.
  • Bottom line - A must watch, especially if you loved 'Kaaka Muttai'!

5. Maya

  • The horror flick with a soul in it and centered around a female protagonist.
  • Bottom line - A technically impressive attempt with genuine horror and storytelling elements meant for audience who love subtle references than plain explanation as done in Tamil movies!
Tamiluku En Ondrai Aluthavum

6. Tamiluku En Ondrai Aluthavum

  • Full of fun, action and plenty of brainy ideas to cope up with.
  • Bottom line - A movie that is out of the commercial formula yet is thought provoking and full of comedy to entertain you.
Kaaka Muttai

7. Kaaka Muttai

  • World class cinema with a local story.
  • Bottom line - A movie that both pure cinema lovers and commercial fans could enjoy!
Indru Netru Nalaai

8. Indru Netru Nalaai

  • Have you been asking for a Time Travel movie in Tamil? This is the one.
  • Bottom line - A noteworthy entry into fantasy genre with good story and comedy.
Demonte Colony

9. Demonte Colony

  • Uncompromised horror flick set in a room.
  • Bottom line - If you love movies like Insidious and 1408, Demonte Colony is a must watch for you!

10. Kirumi

  • The movie had its story rooted and close to real life.
  • Bottom line - The movie ends before you could complain about its minor flaws making it a worthy package.