Vil Ambu Review - The Tale of Two Heroes

Vil Ambu Movie Review

Vil Ambu is a story of two youngsters and is intervened in the butterfly effect where their actions continue to affect the other indirectly.

Release date: 12 Feb 2016Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Harish Kalyan, Samskruthy Shenoy, Shree, Srushti Dange, Chandini, Yogi Babu and many othersWritten & Director by Ramesh Subramaniam
Music by NavinCinematography Martin Joe
Edited by Antony L Ruben Production company Star Film Land, TN Arun Balaji
Distributed by Nallusamy PicturesRuntime: 137 Minutes
Language Tamil CBFC Rating 'U/A'

The concept was explained by Kamal Haasan in Dasavatharam but there are very few movies that follow it. Director Ramesh Subramaniam should be praised for coming up with such a new script and making it with almost newcomers.

Quick Glance

What's great?

  • ► The storyline is uniquely different

  • ► Harish and Nandakumar acts to their best

  • ► Yogi Babu's comedy is definitely enjoyable

  • ► Second half is better

What's not?

  • ► Too many characters

  • ► The main plot is being forgotten many times

The story is about two youngsters, one is a ruffian from the slums while the another is forced to be an IT professional but wants to become creative. They keep altering each other's lives but only meets in the end.

The Cast

The movie's lead Sri easily emotes very well even though he has acted in only one movie Vazhakku En while Harish Kalyan tries to cope up with his acting skills. The lead heroines Shrusti Dange and Chandini has very few scenes to actually do something. Yogi Babu is slowly becoming a prominent face in movies with some comical one liners that makes you smile.

The Team

Director Ramesh has done a great job on paper about writing a story on how each action affects one another. Things like voiceover explaining what happens and the slowmotion scenes are really annoying. Besides, only in the second half the actual story begins and reaches a finale. We even have the usual Ajith scenes.

Despite plenty of flaws to find, the movie is watchable as there aren't many songs and the concept is bit different. Technically, the team has done what they were asked to do with decent music, camera and editing.

Bottom line - A good script and cast that could have been relayed better with proper execution.

Certified Fresh - YES!

Stars - 3/5