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Wednesday, August 10SOCIAL MEDIA


Since, the second wave of covid-19 is so intense, the number of positive cases are rapidly increasing in India. In this case, the Government of Tamil Nadu has taken an initiative to create awareness among the people. Popular Actor Sivakarthikeyan has been featured in a covid awareness video.

As of now, the video has gained a good response in social media. The video must reach all the people and everybody must be more aware of the consequences of the deadly Virus. In the video Actor Sivakarthikeyan said, “The Covid 19 virus is spreading so fast and we have been losing a lot of lives. The Tamil Nadu Government is taking all the necessary actions to control the spread. This video is to share some of the important points from my side to you all. The first and foremost solution for protecting us from the severity of Covid 19 is vaccination.

All of you, please do get vaccinated. I have taken my first dose of vaccination. Step out of your house only if it is completely necessary. Maintain social distancing when you are outside. Keep your hands clean and wear the face masks, at all times. These are all the precautions that we know already. Let us follow these guidelines properly. All the frontline workers are risking their lives on a daily basis to safeguard us and following the Covid guidelines properly will be our mark of respect and gratitude to them. If all of us come together, we shall overcome this. Ondrinaivom, Corona Illadha Tamizhagathai Uruvakkuvom. Nammayum Kaappom. Naattayum Kaappom. Corona-vai velvom. Makkalai Kaappom”.

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