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Friday, September 30SOCIAL MEDIA


Actress Pia Bajpai is one of the most popular Star in the industry. Today a piece of sad news came from her side. Yes her brother passed away due covid complications and shortage of bed.

India is now going through the hardest phase of battling again the second wave of covid-19. There is a shortage of hospital beds and ventilation and Actress Pia Bajpai’s brother also suffered a shortage of bed. The actress tweeted today morning at 6.54 AM to give her a helping hand to save her brother by offering a bed and a ventilator.


She tweeted, “I need urgent help in district Farukhabad, kayamganj block. UP.. a bed wd ventilator ..my brother is dying ..any lead plz help Folded hands Plz Contact if u know anybody -9415191852 Abhishek.. we are already in mess”.

But, at 9.13 AM her brother dies due to covid complications. She tweeted, “my brother is no more…”. Our heartfelt condolences for her family.

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