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Thursday, August 11SOCIAL MEDIA


Popular actress Pranitha Subhash who has acted in many Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies has married suddenly. The actress is married to a businessman, Nitin Raju. The marriage happened with the presence of only close friends and family and the news was shared by the actress in her official Instagram page.

She wrote, “It is with great happiness that we would like to inform you that we got married on 30th May 2021 in a very intimate ceremony. We are extremely sorry to not have informed you about the finalized date as up until the day before the wedding we were unsure about when the wedding will take place due to the current Covid restrictions. We didn’t want to put you through with the prolonged ambiguity about our wedding dates. Please accept our sincere apologies as we would have liked nothing more than for our loved ones to be a part of our special day. You mean a lot to us and we hope to celebrate together when things get better.”

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