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Wednesday, February 1SOCIAL MEDIA


Bigg Boss season 4 has been running successfully by carrying out mixed emotions at times and also high-end dramas, creating disputes and arguments among themselves for silly reasons. Following these issues, the housemates celebrated the joyous occasion of Vijayadashami inside the house yesterday. The celebration ended in a good way without creating a much bigger argument.

The Vijay tv always releases the promo to stir up the audience’s attention for tonight’s episode. Saying that the first promo for the day has been released. In the promo, it witnessed Anitha Sampath lose herself and burst out in tears inside the confession room. She opens up that she has been cornered by some contestants.

Also, none of them stands by her stand to support her and she feels lonely inside the house. By facing these problems she thinks that the mistake lies on her side and has been pushed into a confused state of knowing what is right and wrong. Stay tuned for more breaking updates.