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Saturday, September 24SOCIAL MEDIA


The most popular show Bigg Boss is an entertaining show in the current days. On the second day itself, Bigg Boss contestants are slowly starting to miss their family members it seems. Now today second promo has been released followed by the confusion and upset mindset of Shivani Narayanan.

Meanwhile, in the second promo, the news anchor Anitha Sampath turns out to be very emotional and is pushed into tears after giving a heart to Aranthangi Nisha. She also stated that Nisha resembles her mother who is also a dark-skinned woman who always criticizes herself because of her skin tone and even Anitha Sampath’s mother refuses to wear gold jewels as it would enhance her skin tone even higher.

Finally, they hugged each other with a heart filled full of love. Stay tuned to know more about the interesting happenings in the house. Stay connected.

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