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Friday, January 27SOCIAL MEDIA


In the fourth season, the grand Bigg Boss has been rocking the days in a current situation. Now the first promo of today has been released. The promo even made the audience feel sad and sympathy for Anitha Sampath. The promo showed Anitha Sampath narrating to housemates about her personal life experiences and the struggles she has been facing in her life to reach a height.

She also said that she doesn’t even know the address of her own home and has always wanted a house of her growing up. Later she lived in a condition where she became the parent of her family and her parents and brother as her child to take the family to the next step. Also on another hand by addressing the camera she said she doesn’t have the habit of pleasing everyone and does not have the reputation of earning a good name among everyone.

Later she has been pushed to a very low mood and started crying by asking others not to compare her with anyone. Nisha and Som tried to console her. Watch the latest promo and stay tuned with us for more breaking updates about the Bigg Boss. Stay tuned!

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