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Thursday, February 2SOCIAL MEDIA


Actor Parthiban is one of the most talented people in the Kollywood industry. He is the person who always shows a keen interest in creating and experimenting with new ideologies in cinema. His thirst for cinema never gets fulfilled and in fact, grows higher day by day. This thirst pushes him to invent many more unique methods in films.

His last release Othatha Seruppu Size 7 which featured only one character throughout the movie brought him a huge range of appreciation from various personalities. The movie has also won the National Award Special Jury mention. Now Parthiban is in search of his next experiment where he has taken a very difficult method to do so. His next movie is titled Iravin Nizhal.


Here the entire movie will be shot in a single shot. Many people around the world have tried this technique but our Indian actor Parthiban is the first person in Asia to do this technique. Now another exciting news has been added to the news. YES!! Isaipuyal AR Rahman has joined with Parthiban to compose music for the upcoming movie.


Parthiban wrote, “எப்பொருள் யார்யார்வாய்க் கேட்பினும் அப்பொருள் ஏஆர்ஆர் வாய் கேட்பது அரிது!

Yes SIR is IN (Iravin Nizhal)


அருமையில் – 3 பாடல்கள் கைவசம்

அருகாமையில் இன்னொன்று-promotional song


So hhaappppyy”

So very soon the songs will be out for the audience’s vision to experience the essence of AR Rahman’s music. Many more official updates regarding the movie will be reaching us in the coming days. Stay tuned with our space for more exciting updates.