Cast – Gautham Karthik, Jason Shah, Pugazh, Richard Ashton, Revathy Sharma
Music – Sean Roldan
Directed – N. S. Pundakumar


August 16, 1947, Directed by debutant N.S Ponkumar is a period action drama that stars Gautham Karthik in the lead and is produced by A.R. Murugadoss. The trailer of the movie created huge anticipation among the fans. An interesting one-liner about this film is about the people fighting for the freedom of their village even after independence reinforced that expectation. Let’s see in the review whether the film has stayed up to expectations.


A village called Chengadu near Tirunelveli was acquired by Robert Clive as a slave. Robert Clive’s son Justin sexually assaults every girl he sees. All the people in that village are working 16 hours a day and they need a white man’s order even to urinate.

The people of Chengadu have been experiencing cruelty at the hands of the white man to such an extent that it is unspeakable. In this situation, the announcement is made that India has got independence.

But Robert Clive, the white man who controls Chengad, hides this matter from the people of Chengad. What happened after this..? Did the news of independence get to the people? That forms the rest of the story of the film.


Protagonist Gautham Karthik has left no stone unturned with his realistic performance.

Pugazh has done a great job in the role given in this film. Revathy Sharma, who plays the heroine, has done what is required for the character. And the villain Robert Clive gives a menacing performance.



N.S. Ponkumar, who was one of AR Murugadoss’s assistant directors, directed the film. He has chosen a good plot and shot it brilliantly in his debut film. First kudos for that.

While the screenplay falters at some points, other things make it pass. The run time could have been slightly reduced.

Background music is the strength of the film. But the songs are not very impressive and is a letdown.

The cinematography is good and the Editing is neat. Kudos mainly to the art director and costume designers for their brilliant work.


  • Gautham Karthik’s Realistic performance
  • Story by Ponkumar
  • Art direction and costume design



  • The run time could have been reduced
  • Logical loopholes