Ayali web series is currently airing on Zee 5 platform. The main theme of this series is how a school-going girl Tamilselvi destroys the male community of a village who wants to suppress women and girls and deceives them in the name of Village culture and god.

The Plot

The story begins in the 14th century. A young girl in a village runs away with a boy from the next village and because of this only bad things happen in the village. Crops are ruined, people die from measles and all the people decide to move to another place, saying that the reason for everything is the anger of the goddess Ayali.

Then a girl brings a handful of soil from the Ayali temple. All the people of the village settle down in a place called Pannapuram. Ayali deity is also placed there again.  As time passes, the village grows, and so is the temple. It is a local rule that only minor girls should go to that temple, and when a girl attains puberty, she should get married within a few months.

So when Tamilselvi is studying at school, she prays that she never attains puberty. Tamilselvi’s fear gets worse when she realizes the hardships she will face at home as soon as a girl a little older than her comes of age and then gets married to an alcoholic husband.

No girl has attended class 10 in this town and it’s a teacher who provokes the entire town in the name of town control. The villain is one of Tamilselvi’s relatives who is waiting for Tamilselvi to come of age and get married.

But Tamilselvi, who is eager to study, makes a big plan. At some point, she also attains her puberty and decides to hide it and continue her studies. How she did it and whether or not she corrected her backward-thinking townspeople is the rest of the series.

Director Muthukumar, who has come up with a good creative idea in this age of entertainment-only films and series, should be appreciated. Even though many people are wondering whether such a village is like this in this era, Ayali has clearly shown that they are like this.

What will happen if all women go to the temple defying those who control women in the name of faith in God? Does it mean that the women of that village have won?.. If that happens, they will throw away that God, for them is important to control the women, God is just a tool for that and the politics behind it is clearly stated by Ayali.

Both Abhi Nakshatra, who played the role of Tamilselvi, and Malayalam actress Anumol, who played her mother, impress us with their realistic performances. It must be said that Ayali never gets bored from the beginning till the climax of the last episode.


Verdict: ‘Ayali’ is a series that not only women but everyone should not miss.