Cast : Selvaraghavan, Natty(Natraj Subramaniyan), Radharavi, Rajan K, Rams, Saravanan Subbiah, D Gunanithi, Tarakshi, Mansoor Ali Khan, Devadharshini, P L Thennappan, Cool Suresh, Sasi Laya, Lavanya, Pondy Ravi

Music – Sam CS

Direction -Mohan G


Director Selvaraghavan is making his debut as a hero in Bakasuran. He plays Bhimarajsa, a devotee of Shiva. He ends up committing three murders and they all work in a college. Meanwhile there is Variant (Natty), retired major in Indian army. He becomes a Youtuber reporting on crimes. His nephew commits suicide suddenly. In this situation, Varman finds clues to the reason for her suicide. Then he finds her cell phone and starts to dig things out. Varman examines it and reveals much startling information. Also, he gets access to porn videos of many women, including the porn video of his brother’s daughter on that mobile. He begins his own investigation which leads him to Bhimarasa. Why the latter dies so many murders and what happened when Varman meets Bhimarasa forms the rest.


Selvaraghavan has given an intense performance continuing from where he left in Saanikayitham. He shows anger, frustration and guilt. Natty is adequate. But his character is more predictable. Radgaravi as baddie is okay. The rest are familiar in terms of how they pan out on screen


  • Selvaraghavan’s performance
  • Sam CS music
  • A good climax



  • Predictable story
  • Melodrama feel
  • Execution is little old


Rating – 3/5