Chiyaan Vikram who got a huge break in Tamil cinema with Sethu directed by Bala. He later decided to indulge his son Dhruv Vikram to debut under the directorial of Bala for the remake of the super hit Telugu movie Arjun Reddy. So Dhruv Vikram as the male lead role and Megha as the female lead role and also Raiza Wilson in the prominent role. The movie went into a full-fledged process. The principal photography was wrapped up in September 2018.


Later on 7 February 2019, the producer of the E4 Entertainment arranged for a press meet and stated that they would go for a complete re-shoot as they were not satisfied with the final cut provided by the director Bala. As the days passed, a few days after the movie was announced in the new title Aditya Varma with Dhruv as the same lead role and Banita Sandhu and Priya Anand as the female roles. The movie was directed by Girisaaya.

Aditya Varma was released on November 22. Dhruv Vikram’s performance gained a massive positive response though the movie didn’t go well in the box office collection. Now an official announcement has been released that Bqala will be releasing his version of Varma movie on the streaming platform Simply South on October 6. Fans were very eager to see Bala’s version and the way of his depiction in the movie. but the Indian viewers cannot see the movie as the platform is available only outside India.


The audience must have to wait for the release in India. This became the first incident in Tamil cinema that the producer changes the whole plan as he gets unsatisfactory output despite the completion of the movie. Also, this is the first time, in Tamil movies that the two directors work on movies with the same hero with the same story script.


Let’s all wait and watch for an Indian release of director Bala’s version of Varma. Stay tuned for more breaking updates.