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Wednesday, February 8SOCIAL MEDIA


The teaser of the upcoming adult horror Irandam Kuthu has received a monstrous response and the views have reached an above the maximum rate of 20,000 within a few hours of releasing it. This movie is a sequel to Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu which was released in the year 2018. The director of the movie Santhosh P Jaikumar helmed the first part and the second part will also be helmed by himself and also he will be debuting as a male lead in the movie.

The movie features VJ Sha Ra, Mottai Rajendran, Akriti Singh, Daniel Pope, and Meenal. The movie is getting a massive response among the teenagers, on another hand, Bharathiraja has strongly objected to the movie and he said, it was unbearable for him to watch the film’s promo. ” Such Vulgarity is not becoming of Tamil cinema, I condemn this. Insist that the government and the Censor board have a tight grip over such things.” Bharathiraja said.


Also, Bharathiraja who expressed his discontent with the film’s genre, wrote, “Cinema is also business but it pains me to know that it has come down to using a banana as a symbol and taking it to people with a distasteful meaning.” He further added,” don’t they have women in their homes? Won’t their women condemn this? No matter what, as a senior member, I will surely condemn it.”

The reason behind his anger is, the teaser has some references with inappropriate content which is not necessary for society and it also includes many adult contents that may spoil the viewer’s mentality. Remembering that several legendary people have constructed a cinema on a hugely positive note, Bharathiraja said,” Cinema can show lifestyle. It is not wrong. It can talk about amorous gestures indirectly. But is it right to bring the bed to the street?’ Perhaps anticipating that he will be called a ‘culture police’. He said.


Finally, he ended the note by saying, “Do not exhibit a film that does social evils. How many rapes, child abuse? Is it enough? People should realize that such films and thoughts only place waste on the plate.” Will Bharathiraja’s voice be heard by the higher officials and will the film be condemned?. Let us all wait and watch what happens next.