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Thursday, December 8SOCIAL MEDIA


Bigg Boss season five Tamil is running successful and has garnered a huge audience as default. The second week and the first eviction process took place last weekend. Nadia Chang, Chinna Ponnu, Mathumitha, Abishek Raaja and Varun were in the danger zone. Later Kamal Haasan,  the host of the show announced that Chinna Ponnu, Varun and Mathumitha got saved. Later, he also revealed that Nadia got evicted from the show.

Influencer and model Nadia Chang was the first contestant to get eliminated from BB house. Now the show is progressing for the second nomination process. The process took place yesterday and the contestants were asked to choose two housemates. As the final list arrived, nine contestants were nominated this week for the eviction. Those nine contestants are Akshara, Pavni, Priyanka, Abishek, Iykki Berry, Thamarai Selvi, Isai Vaani, Chinna Ponnu and Abinay. Ciby was elected as the captain for the week beating Isaivani, Raju and Pavni. Let us know your favourite contestant and the person whom you want to save for the week. Stay connected for more updates.

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