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Tuesday, December 6SOCIAL MEDIA


In this cold season, the Bigg Boss show has been set up warm for the audience as a great entertainer buster. The days have been coming with a lot of interesting items of news. Following that, the first promo of Tuesday has been released.

For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, an eviction free pass has been introduced to the housemates which will allow the contestants to change the voting results that have been decided by the fans. This eviction free pass will be in effect throughout the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4.

Also to attain the eviction free pass, eight members including Ramya Pandian, Shivan, Samyuktha, Gabriella, Sanam, Rekha, Suresh, and Aajeedh in the first week to fit being introduced are required to exit their room without exhibiting any selfishness. After these, each of them is seen in different mood swings. Who will be pushed out of the house is unpredictable.


Stay tuned to get more breaking updates about the Bigg Boss.

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