Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 has come to an end and the finale aired last Sunday. The last two finalists of this reality show were Vikraman and Azeem and Kamal announced Azeem as the title winner for Season 6.

Azeem was awarded a prize of Rs 50 lakh and a car worth Rs 16 lakh. Now, Azeem has released a video thanking his fans for supporting him and he has also made an important announcement. Azeem has said in the video that he will be donating half of the prize money he received in Bigg Boss for the education of children who lost their parents to Corona.

He wrote, Thank you wouldn’t be enough for all the love and support I’ve been receiving. As I promised, half of my winning amount ₹25,00,000/- will be contributed to the education of children who lost their parents during Covid-19. This is just the start of me, giving back to the society the love you gave me. Forever i will be greatefull to all of you.”