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Wednesday, February 8SOCIAL MEDIA

Bigil Review

A blockbuster on cards for Thalapathy Vijay – Atlee duo

Bigil First Half – GOOD

Bit predictable but entertaining.

Vijay steals the show with his charm and performance. He anchors the show with his varied acts of Rayyappan, Michael and Bigil.

Scenes between Rayappan & Michael are good.

Nayanthara ‘s portion and the ‘Unakaga’ song were partly speed breakers.

Flashback portions had some dull moments but Rayyappan’s character made up for it.

Rayyappan’s character is well etched.. One of the best in Thalapathy’s career.

‘Verithanam’ visuals and choreography top notch.

Yogi Babu’s comedy worked well at places.

Bigil Second Half – VERY GOOD

Thalapathy as coach Michael shines in the second half.

Emotional scenes + football scenes will definitely engage the audience and bring tears.

Second half takes the movie to its peak, better than the first half.

Singappenney Song gives us goosebumps.

GK Vishnu’s cinematography is top class.

Vfx is not up to the mark.

Verdict: Overall Bigil is worth the wait. Pakka mass entertainer.

Rating : 3.5/5