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Blast From The Past: Movie Analysis: The Pianist

The Pianist


Director: Roman Polanski

Producer: Roman Polanski, Robert Benmussa, Alain Sarde

Cinematographer: Pawel Edelman

Music: Wojciech Kilar


Adrein Brody as Wladyslaw,

Thomas Kretschmann as Capt.Wilm Hosenfeld,

Emila Fox as Dorota,

Maureen Lipman as the Mother,

Duration: 148 Minutes

The year passed: 2003


A Polish Jewish and a great pianist struggles a lot to survive the destruction and the tortures of the Warsaw ghetto of world war-II. Because of this he has been pushed into severe poverty and loses all his belongings and lovable persons. How this war has made a man feel and push him to the end of his life is all about the movie.


The film is based on the autobiography of Wladyslaw Szpilman, who was playing Chopin on a Warsaw radio station when the first German bombs fell. When all of them runs to save their own life Dorota felt pleasure in meeting Szpilman in that evil time. She confessed that she is a very great admirer for his piano music and felt mesmerized in his music. Later Szpilman goes to his house by managing the situation. His family was prosperous and seemingly secure. When he came to know about the government’s cruel declaration and shifting of their places. At first, Szpilman refused to do so. The next day when he again meets Dorota he plans to get a gift for her but the nazi drive out them. They were not even allowed to enter the park or even sit on the table. The people were also given a badge having a star in it and ask the jew people to tie in their hands. This badge shows an indication that they can be beaten or tortured at any time by the nazi officers.


The city’s Jews are forced to give up their possessions and move to Warsaw ghetto. There to the people’s shock, there was a somber shot of a brick wall being built to enclose them all inside the walls. Later the people’s life started with one corner of the wall and ended with another corner of the wall. For the Jewish people, the days and nights were always been dark and the sun had never risen to bring light in their lives. Here for Szpilman music was his passion and survival was his masterpiece. For his survival, the situation pushed him into the state where he was forced to sell his soul which means he sold his piano.


Later he joins in a hotel and plays piano there to get a minimal amount to attire his needs. There he meets his friend who had joined the opponent team who tortures them. His friends suggest he also to join with them. Szpilman proved himself not only as a passionate pianist but also a citizen by refusing his friend’s idea. He prepared himself to meet and come out of this immoral situation. All the people were forced to get into the train to move to the death camps. When some of them refused they were shot to death and killed them mercilessly. In this time Szpilman got another key to live his life through his friend by taking him off the train bound for the death camps.


Then the movie tells the long and incredible story of how Szpilman survived the war by hiding in Warsaw. Szpilman faces a very bad situation and suffers a lot out of poverty. He was surrounded by cruelty and poverty. When one day he enters a house in search of food he meets a nazi police officer who was also fond of a piano. His passion for music, at last, helped him to endure his life. By hearing his struggles and getting lost in his piano music he offers him food and shelter. At last, the sun has risen in jew people’s life also to bring light to their lives. All the cruel officers had been arrested and put into a cage to torture them. When the police officer claimed that he is a ravishing officer and asks to release himself. When Szpilman also tries to help him. The cruel officers themselves didn’t allow him to get free.


At last Szpilman’s life was slowly getting back to the state. His survival in his life was not a victory when all of whom he loved died. At long last, the movie ends with Szpilman playing a piece of sad music in his piano. The work done by the movie’s crew was marvelous and miraculous. In some scenes, it made us to live in those situations and to feel the pain. Overall the movie was an astounding one.


Review by Mouli Priya