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Blast To The Past: Movie Analysis: Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves


Director: Vittorio de sica
Producer: Ercole graziadei, Sergio bernardi, Count cicogna
MUSIC: Ernaldo da roma
STARRING: Enzo staiola, Lamberto maggiorani
Release date: 24 November, 1948
    Bicycle thieves movie is a French movie and also one of the top important movies of Italian neo-realism. As it was released after the Second World War it had a great impact on people. This movie has an emotional contact with the people. The movie has excellent screenplay writing and the movie’s content catches the audience’s heart. In this movie, Antonio from a poor family wanted to get a job to take care of his family, when he finally gets a job hut he wanted a bicycle to work with it. As he doesn’t have money his wife Maria sells their family bed and they buy a bicycle. Antonio’s bicycle is been stolen by a thief when he shouted no one came to rescue him. Because of this Antonio’s mind is been pushed into a well with no water, when he tries to get back his cycle even the police officer were not ready to help him. Antonio’s life is been pushed into a disaster. There is a scene where Antonio’s son will fall down in the rain, and he will not notice that even because he is been pushed in the disaster and his world has been brutally damaged and his feelings were broken into pieces. When Antonio had no other choice he decided to steal another cycle when he began to steal, the owner shouted and all the people caught him and beat him hard. When one man said that is was a lucky day for Antonio but he thought that when he shouted no one came and this day was another bad day for Antonio. He started to weep all day long. The cinematographer of the movie has captured the emotions of Antonio. So perfectly that audience places themselves in the character. In some scenes music scores the high points, the music in the background made the audience feel the emotic state of Antonio. Therefore, on the whole, the bicycle thieves movie had an great emotic sense among people. In the climax, when Antonio was weeping, his son holds Antonio’s hand where it conveys that son became father and father became a son. Thus bicycle movie is a fantastic movie with a lot of emotions and sympathy of a poor family and the father state of mind.