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Thursday, December 1SOCIAL MEDIA

Breaking: Kumbalangi Nights actor banned from doing any more films in Malayalam

It has come out as a shocking news for all the film lovers that the hit Malayalam film Kumbalangi Nights fame actor Shane Nigam has been banned from Malayalam film industry based on the bundle of complaints against him. It has been reported that both his films Veyil and Qurbaani have been shelved due to lack of co-operation from the actor.

Producers Association has also openly accused the actor of being under the influence drugs and even go on to name the substances they suspect the actor is using. They have also called for investigation around the usage of banned substances in the shooting spots.

The problems first started in mid-October over Shane cutting his hair for Qurbani and claiming that Veyil producer Joby George threatened him for disrupting the continuity on the film.

Apparently producer Maha Subair who initially supported Shane Nigam has approached the Producers Association with a complaint against the actor. An audio clip of the conversation between Shane and Subair is doing the round the social media where the actor is clearly refusing to shoot further.

The producers association called a meeting today in Kochi to take a decision on the suspended shoot. The association has put forward the clause that the actor pay Rs 7 crore to meet the costs of these films and finish the dubbing work on Ullasam, helmed by Jeevan Jojo and produced by Joe and Christy Kaithamattam.

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