The Director-Editor by: Mahesh Narayanan

Writing Credits: Mahesh Narayanan (Screenplay)



Fahadh Faasil as Kevin Thomas

Darshana Rajendran as Anu Mol Sebastian

Roshan Mathew as Jimmy Kurian

Saiju Kurup as Dr.Prasanth

Maala Parvathi as Jimmy’s Mother

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery.

Composer: Gopi Sundar.

Runtime: 1hr 38 min.

Language: Malayalam.



Paving the way for future Indian Cinema taste, Fahadh Faasil with his small crew, comes up with an experimental thriller genre, which satisfies the current lockdown atmosphere. A life via internet has become normal during the pandemic and “c u soon” catches its sense and delivers the content through a computer screen. What happens if you lost your loved one and you have only an internet to find her? The movie somehow gives you the same feel.


Two good looking young workmanships of Dubai, have a connect on a date app. Within minutes of the movie begun, Jimmy Kurian (Roshan Mathew), a banker and Anu Sebastian (Darshana Rajendran), who turned to Dubai for a Home maid job have started chatting, as each knows them as years ago. Jimmy in a very subtle way, making video calls and chatting with her for hours to gather slowly starts to get close to Anu.

As Jimmy does these work in a routine, he thinks it’s time to take his relationship to a next level. He invites his mom, Ms.Mariamma who lives in U.S, suddenly on to a video call chat with Anu. He introduces her to his mom and she accepts him to marry her. Anu feels low by the topic, as her father won’t accept for her marriage. The story starts from here, as she gets missing and leaves a suicide note in Jimmy’s flat.

Kevin (Fahadh Faasil), who is a hacker, is Jimmy’s cousin and he helps him to find what happened to her. Kevin does his research about her over the internet and opens out all her privacy accounts to know about her completely in breaking the rules of every aspect he can. The Director-Editor Mahesh Narayanan casually took the screenplay without making much complicated stuffs while on the searching part, as the film runs back fully in technology, he has used it wisely. Mahesh strictly followed the basic DOP ideology it seems. Never wasted a shot, showing the emotions of Jimmy beautifully, establishing some real life mobile user’s shot – the shot of keeping the mobile on top of the table when jimmy is supposed to meet Anu’s father, those shots shook the screenplay, no one would ever keep a shot in such a low angle but in real life that’s the mobile user’s position. I would rather say, those small fairy adjustments done in the camera kept the film alive till the end.

Music – I won’t say it’s a lack luster here. Gopi Sundar had given a clear audio treat to the audience by playing it as per the screenplays motion. Never had a harsh or disturbing background scores in the movie.

The texted chats are the most important portions in the entire film, the director used the text medium beautifully for conveying the emotions of the artists to the audience buy having a then and there pause and move, which connects the audience in a lightning quick. Because those are the texting style! formula which in the 2K era most of us are been practiced. We Indians are bit emotional and notice about the words keenly in the text chats too.

Eventually the performance of Both Darshana and Roshan are very satisfied to their roles. A complete credit to the director who finally finishes it of in a convincing climax. Bringing in the inventions are not new to Mollywood, they have started it successfully now and made the way for the future to bring in more new ideologies into the Indian Cinema. A beneficial worth watch in the OTT with family!.


Review By : Vigneshwar.VG