Coffee with Kadhal

Language: Tamil
Cast:Jiva, Srikanth, Jai, Samyuktha, DD, Raisa Wilson, Aishwarya Dutta, Yogi Babu, Kingsley
Direction: Sundar C

Sundar C is known for colourful gala fare. More a comedy caper of mistaken identity, his films in the recent past have been missing out the josh. Now comes Coffee with Kadhal, set in Ooty. More of confusion in relationships, it speaks about love from different perspective. A youngster cheated by his live-in partner, a youth who understands little late in life that his long-friend loves him and a man, whose post marital affair lands his brother in soup.
But call it Sundar C style. He mixes such complicated situations with his signature style humour. And one-liners of Yogi Babu as the top-up adds zing.


Prathap Pothen has three sons Jiiva, Srikanth and Jai besides a pregnant daughter DD. srikanth is married to Samyuktha but has a one-night stand with Raids. Jiiva lost in life due to breakup with Aishwarya Dutta gets ready for arranged wedding with Raiza. Jai is confused as to whether marry girl arranged by family or his childhood friend Amritha Iyer.
Complexity forms the crux. But Sundar C adds pace to make it entertaining. However a routine path being treaded by him is the eye-sore.

Jiiva is cool, calm and composed. He has proved in the past that he can do comedy too with ease. Jai has a meaty role to so.Srikanth has little to do. There are a bunch of girls adding glam quotient. And no wonder songs are a big break.

The colourful picturisation of Ooty deserves special mention. The team has tried some fun under the sun which impresses in parta. Yogi Babu and Kingsley duo as wedding planners fail to tickle our funny bone at many places.
Neither deep into the subject of complex relationships nor a full-fledged comedy, Coffee With Kadhal is a curate’s egg.


Now Running in Theatres
Rating 2.75 out of 5