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Wednesday, August 10SOCIAL MEDIA


The popular reality shows Bigg Boss has much viewership in India and it is hosted by legendary and popular actors like Kamal Haasan, Mohan Lal, Salman Khan, Junior NTR, Kicha Sudeep etc different languages. As the prevalence of the second wave of covid-19 is more severe it has now entered into Bigg Boss house and many contestants have tested positive for covid-19. T

he Malayalam Bigg Boss hosted by Mohal Lal is ongoing with its third season contestants in the EVP gardens in the outskirts of Chennai. As of now, the reports says that six of the show’s contestants have tested positive for covid-19 and they left the house for medical treatment. The show is now stopped and it may take time to resume again. Similarly, Kannada Version Bigg Boss which is in its Season 8 has stopped in the midway considering the consequences of the deadly virus. Stay tuned for more breaking updates.

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