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Dhilluku Dhuddu

Dhilluku Dhuddu : A Full-on Laugh riot

Directed by Lollu Sabha fame Rambala this film stars Santhanam and newcomer Shanaya in the lead role. This film already created a stir among the audience with its hilarious trailer and to know whether the film has offered something new read our review below.
Quick Glance
What’s great?
1. Pre-interval block promises for a complete laugh riot
2. Timing comedy by Sanathanam 
3. Motta Rajendrans performance 
4. Deepak Kumar Pathy’s cinematography is outstanding an d creates the eerie feel.
5. BGM creates the right impact among the audience.
What’s not?
1. Bad lip sync of the leading lady Shanaya
2. Songs could have been better
3. First half doesn’t have anything interesting to offer and it tests your patience 
4. Love portions doesn’t workout well for Santhanam 
The Cast
The entire cast of this film has given a decent performance. Santhanam has proved himself as a good actor and he has really worked hard for this. Though the love portions doesn’t look natural, the actors overall performance is very good. Especially the timely comedy and one liners are the factors that contributed towards this spoof movie. Debutant Shanaya has given a decent performance but her lip sync has gone for a toss and its a major drawback. Motta Rajendran as usual has given a wonderful performance and especially Motta Rajendrana and Santhanam combination is what you have to look out for. They are outstanding and will blow us out with their screen presence and dialogues.  
The Team
The film stands out technically, especially Cinematography is brilliant and us the eerie feel. Deepak Kumar Padhy has managed to give interesting shots and create the right feel while watching the movie. The editing is worth mentioning as this has managed to keep us on board. Though the first half of the film tests our patience, the director has ensured that the second half will be engaging and makes it a full on laugh riot.  Dialogues in this movie is another highlight in this movie that keeps us engaged. 
Bottom line –  A must needed entertainer for this festive season with some memorable comedy dialogues.
Certified Fresh – YES!
Stars – [rating=2.5]
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