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Friday, September 30SOCIAL MEDIA


One of the most popular OTT in current is Amazon Prime Video. On Saturday the Amazon Prime unveiled the trailer of the upcoming Malayalam movie titled Drishyam 2, two days before its launch date, after a high-quality copy of the trailer leaked online. As per the reports it is stated the streaming platform has accidentally released the trailer of the movie and then removed it within a few minutes after releasing the blunder.

However, the duration was a little late for them and the trailer went viral before the team erased it. The leaked trailer spread on social media like a forest fire and reached many of the audience. As per the plan made by the moviemakers, the trailer was made to release on Monday with a big virtual media event with the presence of the director and cast. By looking into the leaked trailer, it shows us the introduction of Georgekutty (Mohanlal) and his family.


The family seems to have come out of the trauma of the events of the first film and made some significant progress in their personal lives. In the second part, George Kutty owns a theatre and aspires to produce a movie. Meanwhile, his wife Rani (Meena) is not okay with his idea and he would waste the savings on his dream. Instead, she would spend that money on her daughter’s marriage.


The problem starts when the police pull back the investigation of the boy who died. Also, everyone in the town starts to spread different kinds of talks about their family and the girl. How the family manages and comes out of the problem is all about the movie. “With Drishyam 2, we aim to take this legacy forward and accomplish a new cinematic milestone.


Drishyam 2 isn’t just a good-versus-evil crime thriller. It is an immersive story about Georgekutty and his family and the emotional journey he goes through to save them, at any cost. Over the last few years, viewers have written to us with so many theories. I am happy to say that we will now finally dispel all theories and answer all questions with the sequel,” Mohanlal said in a statement. Wait for more official announcements. Stay tuned for more breaking updates.

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