The power of the music is dynamic and it also has a great impact on the listeners. Especially our favorite music directors have a special place in our hearts as it heals our soul. One of those powerful music directors in the south cinema industry is G.V.Prakash Kumar. His latest International album is called High and Dry which was released by A.R.Rahman and Dhanush. The song went worldwide viral and flooded with plenty of positive comments.


Then G.V.Prakash Kumar joined his hands with Julia Gartha for his single from his debut International album – cold and nights. This global reach for his song made the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber to follow G.V.Prakash Kumar on his official twitter page. This is very great news for his fans as well as a proud moment to the south cinema industry. Another amazing news about G.V.Prakash Kumar is he will also be stepping into the Hollywood industry as an actor.


As per the report, he will be debuting with Ricky Burchell’s movie Trap City. A small intimation about the movie is, it’s about a drug dealer who later becomes a rapper. In this movie, GV Prakash has been set to play the role of a doctor. This movie also features Brandon T Jackson and Dennis LA White. Many talented people have traveled from Kollywood to Hollywood and have landed their flag successfully.


Now G.V’s entry might also definitely be a remarkable one and wish him success through all his ways. For more breaking updates regarding the movie stay in connection with our space.