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Gypsy Review

Gypsy: A curate’s egg

Gypsy carried a lot of expectations on its shoulders as it is from the stable of filmmaker Raju Murugan, who made Joker before. Known for his works to talk strong and stern on social issues, Raju Murugan has tried to tread a similar path in Gypsy. Unfortunately, he seems to have lost his way a bit and the movie ends up neither here nor there. What begins as a musical journey of a gypsy witnesses romance and communal riots and it ends up with a string ‘preachy’ message. Gypsy features Jiiva, Natasha, Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne among others.

Cast: Jiiva, Natasha Singh, Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne, and Susheela Raman
MusicSanthosh Narayanan
Cinemtography: SK Selvakumar
DirectionRaju Murugan

Run Time: 2hours 29 minutes


The movie speaks about the inter-religious clash. But Raju Murugan, who is adept at his screenplay has failed to convey why communal violence breaks out. And few gory scenes could have been avoided. A journey of gypsy from Kashmir to Nagoor and other places of India have been caught well. And few dialogues are razor-sharp and hard-hitting.
Jiiva is the flesh and blood of the movie. He pours his natural acting and seems to fit the bill well. His hard work is visible in every frame. He plays it casual and cool in the first half while in the latter part, he brings out the actor in him. Natasha expresses well, But towards the second half, she hardly has any portions. Santhosh Narayanan’s songs and Selvakumar’s music are the backbone for the movie.

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Gypsy suffers due to censor cuts, losing its relevance in many places. But still, for those who love serious message-oriented cinema, it may appeal. Raju Murugan deserves praise for taking up a sensitive storyline. But Gypsy is no match to Joker.

Score [rating=3]