Actor Simha starrer ‘Vasantha Mullai’ released on February 10th in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada languages. The Kannada Trailer was released by ‘Superstar’ Sivaraj Kumar, the Telugu Trailer by ‘Mega Star’ Chiranjeevi, and the Tamil Trailer by senior journalists.

‘Vasantha Mullai’ is directed by debutant Ramanan Purushothama. In this Simha plays the lead, and actress Kashmira Pardeshi is paired with him. Actor Arya and actor Rakshit Shetty have made special appearances. The cinematography is by Gopi Amarnath and Music of this film has been composed by Rajesh Murugesan of ‘Neram’ and ‘Premam’ fame. This mystery thriller is produced by Reshmi Simha and Ram Talluri under the banners Mudhra’s Film Factory and SRT Entertainment at a huge budget.

The trailer release of this film was held in Chennai. Producers Reshmi Simha, Ram Talluri, director Ramanan Purushothama, music director Rajesh Murugesan, additional script writer Ponnivalavan, actors Manikanda Prabhu, Sarath Ravi, and hero Simha were present.

Addressing the media Simha said, “After a few years I am meeting the media and journalists. I am so happy. Last year the movie ‘Mahaan’ was released on the digital platform. ‘Vasantha Mullai’ is releasing on 10th February this year. Now I have carefully selected the stories and started acting. I have decided to play only strong roles from now on.

I am proud to release the trailer of the film through the hands of journalists. Thank you for this. Journalists are the first fans of the film. Your writings and opinions play a huge role in bringing people to the theatre.

I sent a text message to Sivarajkumar, the superstar of the Kannada film world. He asked me to come immediately and released the trailer of the Kannada version of the film ‘Vasantha Kokila’ and gave his blessings. I also sent a text message to Chiranjeevi, the megastar of the Telugu screen world. He also asked me to come immediately and released the trailer of the Telugu version of the film ‘Vasantha Kokila’ and gave his blessings. Even though Shiva Rajkumar and Chiranjeevi are at this height today, their simplicity and hospitality impressed me.

I was introduced to producer Ram Talluri during the shooting of the Telugu film ‘Disco Raja’. Once we become friends, he asked, Can we work together on films? After agreeing to work together, we chose a director and started working on the film. But as the story was not complete as expected, we started looking for other stories. I naturally make quick decisions. At that moment I saw a short film on Facebook. It was a short film in which an actor named Arun played a double role. It was finely crafted. I met its director Ramanan Purushothama through Facebook. After that, I came to know that he has prepared a story for me since 2014 and had sent a message asking if we can work together..! I asked him, ‘Do you have any stories for your first film?’ He told the story of ‘Vasanda Mullai’ in just one sentence. I liked it. I immediately contacted the producer Ram Talluri and narrated the story and synopsis. He also liked the story. At the same time, Reshmi also liked this story.

Then we started working on the screenplay of the film. Very compelling screenplay. Even if you fail to see a scene 20 minutes after the start of the movie, it can be confusing. Because this movie has a new kind of emotional content. A commercial film could be offered with the help of producer Ram Talluri. But there was hope that the innovative thing could be told elegantly. So we have created ‘Vasantha Mullai’.

Since it is a one-night story, we planned to shoot directly in the hilly areas like Munnar in November and December. But the scene should be drenched in rain all night. As this was not practically possible, we set up a huge stage in Chennai and shot it. After setting up the stadium, due to the coronavirus, it became impossible to shoot in the stadium. Then we re-arranged the venue and shot. This caused a delay. Now all the work is completed and it will hit the theaters on February 10th. I request everyone to support him.’