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Monday, October 3SOCIAL MEDIA


Suresh Chakravarthy is the most popular actor and director. He quit the cinema industry many years back to build his restaurant business in Australia and also to run his Youtube Channel. Now he made a strong comeback through a reality show on Vijay tv named Bigg Boss season 4 which is hosted by Kamal Haasan. The show commenced on October 4 and till now he has been the strong contestant and also has gone through many disputes and at times even pushed to the  emotional states by the contestants.

Now today’s promo showed Sanam Shetty yelling at Suresh and addressed him with disrespect words which made him so upset. Later in the latest promo revealed as he was crying literally in the confession room by putting a point forward as all the contestants are cornering him and speaking ill about him. Now many rumors have been flooded on the internet that Suresh got fed up with the program and requested to relieve him from the show.

Also reports state that the organizers are trying to convince him and make him continue the game. Also, Suresh’s situation was compared on social media by comparing with the other contestants of the earlier season like Oviya, Madhumitha, Saravanan, Bharai who opted out in the middle of the show. Let’s wait for the truth to be revealed. Stay connected for more exciting announcements.

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