Jackson Durai : Poor Screenplay makes this horror comedy a decent watch


Directed by Dharani Dharan, the film has the mix of fantasy, horror and spoofs but the poor execution has resulted in making the whole film weak. The film stars Sibi, Karunakaran, Sathyaraj, Rajendran, Bindu Madhavi in pivotal roles and they have given their best. To know whether this movie stood out to the expectations of the audience, read the review below:
Quick Glance
What’s great?
1. First half is promising
2. Cinematography is vivacious
3. Sathyaraj looks powerful and has given a good performance
4. Yogi Babu’s punches
What’s not?
1. Sibiraj’s performace is average and he has to improve in carrying out heavy expressions.
2. Sathyaraj fails to terrify us in his horror look
3. Music could have been better, bgm doesn’t elevate the scenes.
The Cast
The entire cast of this film has given a decent performance. As usual Sathyaraj has given what is needed for the character especially he looks powerful in the flashback scenes. But one would feel that why he has chosen this script in the first place. Sibiraj’s performance is average especially when delivering heavy expressions. Yogi Babu evokes laughter with his punches and has done his role well. Karunakaran, Rajendran and Bindu Madhavi have also given a decent performance.
The Team
Technically this film sounds good. Cinematography is brilliant and it is the biggest plus in this film. The cameraman has managed to explore new angles and interesting shots. Also Vivek Hasrshan’s editing is worth mentioning as this has managed to keep us on board throughout. Though the first half looks promising and entertaining, the second half falls far apart making it lengthy and boring.   Siddharth Vipin’s music is good but it doesn’t create any impact nor does it elevate the scenes.
Bottom line –  A decent one time watchable horror comedy.
Certified Fresh – YES!
Stars – [rating=2.5]