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Saturday, December 3SOCIAL MEDIA


Jai Bhim is a Tamil movie based on a real-life incident. The flick was directed by TJ Gnanavel which featured Suriya, Lijomol Jose and Manikandan in prominent roles. The movie was released on  Amazon Prime video on the 2nd of November 2021. Now an exciting update about the movie is that it had officially entered for Golden Globes 2022 as a nomination under the category of ‘Best Non-English Language Film’.

Now a scene from the movie which also involves the director’s story narration has been released on the official YouTube channel of the Oscars. In this video, the director also explains the formation of the screenplay and the story. The story revolves around a thread of indigenous tribe pregnant woman from Tamilnadu who faces many struggles in her life to find her dead husband and to prove their innocence and justice to the society.

An honest lawyer, Chandru overtakes the case and helps her to come out of the issue. The movie received a tremendously positive response from the audience. Stay tuned for more breaking updates.

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