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Saturday, February 4SOCIAL MEDIA


No heroine No songs No romance but still Kaithi shines in the Diwali race


Kaithi First Half – Very Good

The first half was truly intriguing. Karthi shines in each and every scene. Narain does his role well. The casual comedies worked out well and it definitely evokes laughter. Action sequences are well choreographed. Deeper and deeper, the film gets more and more interesting. The father-daughter sentiments work well.

Kaithi Second Half – Very Good

It’s more and more action and they are well choreographed. Brilliant narration. Lokesh Kangaraj’s screenplay needs a special appreciation. The final father-daughter portion brings tears. Character are well etched. The final act with the mission gun was interesting. BGM gives more power and the Cinematography is brilliant.

The climax portion hints at us about a possible sequel.

Verdict: Overall Kaithi is Karthi’s best and is a sure shot Diwali blockbuster.

Rating: 3.75/5