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Wednesday, December 7SOCIAL MEDIA

Kodi Veeran : Has nothing new to offer, One time watchable

Kodi Veeran directed by Muthaiya and starring sasikumar has hit the screens finally. To know more about this flick, read our review below:

Quick Glance

What’s great?

  1. Sasikumar as usual gave his best.
  2. Sanusha gets a meaty role to perform and she has done it with ease.
  3. Mahima looks good and does what is required for the script.
  4. First half is good.
  5. Dialogues are well written.
  6. Music is good 

What’s not?

  1. Templated.
  2. Poorna dons a different character but it dint click well. 
  3. Second half failed to impress. 

The Cast

The entire cast of this film has given their best. Sasikumar as usual gave his best, his body language, action sequences and sentiment worked out really well. Sanusha gets a meaty role in this film and she has done it perfectly. Mahima looks cute and she does what is required for the script but she doesn’t have much to impress us. Pasupathy plays it well as the main antagonist while Poorna as the female antagonist was a surprise for all. She has taken all the measures to make a mark but  it dint click well.

The Team

This film is technically good. Cinematography by SR Kathir needs a special mention, he has kept it simple and neat. Songs by N.R. Ragunanthan is good, and the BGM goes well with the film. Editing is neat and crisp. Muthaiya has used his usual template and the dialogues as usual are well written. He could have concentrated more on the second half as it failed to impress us thought the film had a impressive pre-interval block. 

Bottom Line : One time watchable. Go for it..

Certified Fresh – YES! 


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