Love Today

Language : Tamil
Cast: Pradeep Ranganathan, Ivana, Sathyaraj, Radhika, Yogi Babu, Raveena Ravi
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production: AGS Enterprises
Direction : Pradeep Ranganathan


After a successful outing as film maker in Comali starring Jayam Ravi, Pradeep Ranganathan takes a new avatar as actor-cum- film maker in Love Today.

The title strikes a bell for it is borrowed from yesteryear Vijay’s film that spoke about romance in a different way. But Pradeep Ranganathan’s Love Today is more contemporary, chic and speaks the mind of today’s youngsters. In today’s techno-driven world, cellphones dictate every move and determine our relationships. Much has been taken over by cell phones from humans today. If 2.0 starring Rajini was about mobile phobe’s effect on nature, this Love Today says how it spoils our relationships.

A typical middle-class youth employed in a IT company, for Pradeep Ranganathan life is all but friends. He is a typical today’s youngster who lives life in hia cellphone. His mom Radhika as like every mother chides him. Pradeep has a lady love and the romance grows through the phone. His crush Ivana is a symbol of today’s young women. But the trouble is her dad Sathyaraj, who is a traditional Brahmin.

There is Raveena Ravi, Pradeep’s sister who gets ready to marry a foc Yogi Babu much to the surprise of all. Meanwhile.all hell breaks loose when Sathyaraj comes ro know of their love. And he comes up trumps when he devices a plan. Swapping of Pradeep and Ivana’s mobile phones is his suggestion.Drama begins thereafter.. The complex relationship status of both Pradeep and Ivana in their personal lives forms the conflict point in the movie.

The roller-coaster ridr leads to twists and turns. And the impact of social media in playing spoilsport between lover couples are the highlight. Eventually, all well ends well reinforcing the need for trust between couples.

Pradeep is impressive all through and at times he reminds one of Dhanush. Tall, dark and alim, he ia expressive too. Comedy comes naturally to.him. Ivana is perfect fit and she pulls it off well. Though at places, Sathyaraj little over acts, he got a major part in the film.And Radhika as doting and innocent mom.adds pep to the script. Yogi Babu breaks the cliche sinning a different role. And top up the movie with Yuvan”s music, Love Today ends a engaging and entertaining fare.

Friends, fun and fiesta, Love Today makes a good watch fot youngsters. What begins as a breezy fare in first half kind of loses pep as it progresses. But a solid message of care, share and ways and means to handle gadgets make it a decent watch.


Now running in theatres
Rating: 3.5 out of 5